5 Paleo Slow Cooker Recipes to Spice Up Your Food Boredom

I love my slow cooker. It’s a fast way to prepare a meal that will last a few days, which makes it ideal for people who have have limited energy for cooking; spoonies like me, busy moms and dads, or people who don’t like to spend a ton of time in the kitchen.

I’m always scrounging for new slow cooker recipes to shake up my meal planning, so if you feel like you are in a rut, here are five of my favorites to try. (I have no affiliation with these sites or bloggers — just love these recipes!)


  • Try just one new recipe each week. New recipes take extra energy and focus to prepare. As you learn the recipe, it will get exponentially easier to prepare, and it can become part of a regular rotation.

  • Ask your butcher to cut the meat into 4-inch cubes for you. This is a MUST. It will save you an incredible amount of time and energy.

  • Use these pre-cut ingredients as the main protein for several meals throughout the week. Sometimes I make a big bowl with veggies and toppings; other times I poach an egg on top and have it for breakfast. Maybe I’ll make tacos, or use the meat as a salad protein. Options are endless. I like to make a big batch on Sundays to use throughout the week; which brings me to my next tip…

  • Double the recipe if you know you love it. It’ll last you longer OR you can freeze half and have it for a time when you are really low on time/energy.

  • Check the Spoon Ratings. I’m rating this on the number of spoons they take to prepare (#spoonies will get this; if you’re lost, spoons = energy), 1 being easiest and least energy output —> 5 being most complicated and highest energy output. Even if you aren’t a spoonie, you can still use the rating to judge how difficult this is going to be to make.

If you haven’t invested in a slow cooker yet, it’s easily the most-used kitchen appliance I own (outside of my Keurig) and it makes healthy cooking a lot easier to achieve. Check out this one that has a timer option so you can have it auto-shut-off when its done incase you a really great kitchen

1. Green Chile Chicken - 1 Spoon 🥄

(Paleo & Whole30 Compliant)

I thought this one sounded a little bland at first, but damn I was wrong. It’s tasty AF. For the amount of work this is — which is basically chopping a few peppers, tomatillos, and measuring out a few spices — it’s a definite standby when energy is low, or I need a quick meal.

Meal Ideas:

- Make a Paleo friendly Chipotle Bowl using cauliflower rice, pico de gallo, avocado, and this tasty shredded chicken.

- Chicken Tacos are always a go-to: find a gluten-free taco shell and have at it.

- Arugula is my go-to green, but grab your favorite, add some nuts, veggies, avocado, and top with this. Boom. Salad that doesn’t suck.

- Honestly, I’m weird about chicken with eggs, but if that doesn’t freak you out, poach an egg on top of some chicken, and there’s breakfast.

- If you’ve got extra time/energy, it’s extra tasty when you fry it up in a pan with a little coconut or olive oil to make it crispy. Yum.

- Add a jalapeno or another spicy pepper if you love heat.

2. The Best Dang Pork Carnitas (outside of Mexico) - 2 Spoons 🥄🥄

Alright, if you’ve ever had pork carnitas in Mexico, or late night from a taco truck at that corner gas-station-turned-food-truck heaven, you know REAL DEAL pork carnitas are to die for and can’t really be recreated at home without the fire and the spit (and, frankly, the music). However, this is the best at-home version I’ve come across, and for the amount of work required, these are freaking delicious. The KEY to this version is the fresh orange juice. You can sub store-bought, but if you can, invest in a citrus squeezer and fresh oranges.

Two-spoon rating for the post-cook fry-up step. It really DOES make a huge difference, but if you are short on time or energy, its still pretty good right out of the slow cooker and that makes it just one spoon.

The blogger gives great meal ideas in the post, and any of the above I mentioned work with this dish too.

3. Coconut Pork Curry-in-a-Hurry Three Spoons 🥄🥄🥄

The hardest step in this recipe is browning the meat at the beginning. It takes time, since you have to do it in batches and it often makes a mess of your stove, which means cleaning it afterwards (that’s why it’s three spoons), but after that, it’s really, really simple. Just add all the ingredients and turn on your slow cooker. You could skip browning if you were really short on time or energy, but if you want to make it right, save this one for a night when you have the energy to give.

4. Lamb Ragu ala Slow Cooker Three Spoons 🥄🥄🥄

Technically this recipe uses an instant pot, which I don’t have, but you can make this one in a dutch oven. You’ve got to brown the meat AND the veggies in this one, but you do it all in one pot, and the high walls of the dutch oven usually mean less mess, so I’m still giving it three spoons. You can sub beef, short ribs, or venison if lamb isn’t your jam(b). (#imsofunny)

Worth noting this is one of my FAVORITE food blogs to follow on IG (@primalgourmet), and his Shakshuka recipe is out of this world.

5. Korean Beef BBQ Bowls Five Spoons 🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄

I wish this weren’t so complicated, because its dang delicious. You’ve got a LOT of chopping, browning, whisking, pickling (which is easy, but most people have never done it), plus a whole bunch of ingredients you may never have used before — like Avocado Oil, Kimchi, Tapioca Starch, Coconut Aminos, and sesame seeds…all of these factors make the grocery shopping component of this meal a lot of work.

On the upside, the flavor is so intense and amazing, I can easily eat it for MANY days in row, so when I’m feeling like something fancy, this is a great option.

Some tips:

—> Don’t get LEAN beef like she says; get something with some fat on it, like a chuck steak. Look for lots of fat marbling. Thats what gives it melt-in-your-mouth flavor and helps it shred apart.

—> I use Arrowroot Powder instead of Tapioca Starch.